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I was determined to fight the aging process, but working out with Nic took me to a whole new level. Nic has an engaging personality that makes you want to work hard and push yourself past what you thought you could do. Of course, it is hard work, but Nic makes you want to achieve your goals through constant encouragement and tips.

Previous to Nic, my workout experience had been ineffective and I found myself doing the same old thing without any drive. I am amazed at the time and care she puts in to ensure I do the exercises correctly and get the most value from the exercise.

She was very focused on my problems. After five months of training with Nic I went for V02 testing and found that I had an accelerated heart rate. Nic insisted that I go see my family physician and made me wear a heart monitor during my workouts. While completing a battery of tests for my heart Nic continued to train me hard. She made me do interval training, constantly saying that would strengthen my heart muscles. I was having doubts on training my heart muscle without a diagnosis.

I completed the battery of heart tests and the cardiologist asked what type of training I was doing. I told him it was mainly interval training, maxing out my heart rate then allowing it to recover. The cardiologist commented that my “trainer” knew what she was doing and that was precisely the type of training I required with my heart rate, to keep my heart healthy. Upon completion off the stress test the cardiologist agreed I had an abnormally high heart rate that I would need to monitor during training but for my age, I was in the top 3 percent for fitness. I was blown away from the results.

I wholeheartedly recommend Nic for all she has done for me and for her energy,

professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm!” No wonder Nic won TRAINER OF THE YEAR 2011!!! Well deserved.



I have been working out with Nic for 3 years now. I don’t go there for any other reason than to spend time with a beautiful woman who makes me feel and look beautiful inside and out. She is a business mentor, a inspirational thinker and a great soul through and through. Whenever I have an idea for a fundraiser she lends her time and thoughts and turns my idea into a great one. Offering up her thoughts and time for all the events in Airdrie is truly unselfish, as this woman really loves to give to this community of ours. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Nicole Lacoursiere you’re missing out. She is an ourstanding trainer and I’m so happy she is in my life, inspiring me to be all I can be. Top notch in my books. Thank you Nicole for everything you are!

Wendy Weibe


I lack the self-motivation to work out on my own…….Then enters Body By Nic.

I picked up the phone one evening and called Nic. She asked me a few questions and said “can you start tomorrow?”   And our journey together began!

I needed Nic since discipline was not my strong suit. I’ve lost weight & inches, and gained muscle and knowledge and a best friend! I was never a runner, but after a couple months working out, we did a 5km together! I reached that goal because she believed in me! She taught me that “can’t” is not a word, to love yourself inside and out.

Nic’s best quality is herself! She is a kind and authentic person that truly cares about her clients and the community at large. She is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer who has a TRUE passion for her work. She is the complete package. We start out as clients, but soon become family.

I know my time with Nic was the best thing I ever invested in! A year ago in October we moved down the road to Chestermere.  Leaving the community I had lived in for 10 years was hard, but leaving my trainer was even harder!

Remember earlier on when I said discipline was not my strong suit? The time I spent with Nic (I miss her everyday) gave me the skills so I could continue this journey without her!  Even though she isn’t in the gym with me physically she is there in spirit!! (Sitting on my shoulder giving me the extra encouragement I need to continue on!) I can’t believe I’m saying this…………..BUT I like running J

Thank You for always being by my side and making the journey fun!!!!

Arlene Whickham


I began training with Nic in March 2012 and our first consultation meeting gave me the confidence that Nic was the right trainer for me. Her down to earth, practical and non-judgmental approach to a change, not only to my physical fitness but my lifestyle as a whole, immediately resonated with me. Along with the commencement of my training, Nic requested that I keep a food journal, which I did for several weeks. As we reviewed the journal together each training day, Nic helped me to see my food triggers and weaknesses and the simple act of recognizing them enabled me to overcome my tendency to turn to simple carbohydrates. Starting to exercise after a long period of inactivity was difficult physically and emotionally as I struggled to maintain all the other busy aspects of daily life. I credit Nic for her firm but supportive manner in keeping me accountable to keep at it. She has a knack for knowing when to push me and when to let me work at my own pace. I firmly believe that Nic develops an intuitive understanding of her clients that surpasses the simple training of the physical body. In my case, she took the time to understand my lifestyle, my job, my stresses – in short the things that shape me as a person. She continues to leverage that knowing into motivation and encouragement that, for me, has achieved amazing results. In the two years since I started training, I went from a size 8 to a 2 and at 37 years old, have never looked or felt more fit and healthy. This has translated positively into my whole life – my increased confidence helped me to embark on a risky but successful new job endeavor, build new friendships and develop the confidence to be more playful with my personal style. Now I look forward to my training days, not only to challenge my body, but to connect with Nic and her other clients that I see regularly at the gym every week.

Jennifer Hendricks P.Biol.     |     Manager, Major Accounts


Nic, owner of ‘Body By Nic’ has always had a passion for fitness, and most of all a passion to motivate others to strive for, and achieve their goals!

I have been training with Nic for almost a year now. I was introduced to her and her training services through the ‘Airdrie Life’ magazine and a fitness challenge they run every year. I worked with her throughout the challenge and now, I continue to train with her because she has changed my life so much and I have noticed such positive transformations in my body because of the type of training she does with me.

After the very first workout, my muscles were sore! Not too sore though. In just a few days, I was already seeing improvements in my strength and flexibility. I’ve never been able to do many pushups, even when I was in terrific shape, but now I can do them with ease.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Body by Nic has successfully combined every tool needed for a complete personal overhaul! She helped me assess my physical condition and track changes, set goals, talked about a nutritional plan and helped me to learn better eating habits, I have learned  proper strength training techniques. She has assisted me in improving my endurance, helped me to find the motivation I needed to improve my appearance and to feel better. I have improved my health, gained muscle and lost body fat, toned up and improved my mental alertness. Nic has truly helped me to reach my goals. I have lost over 100 pounds.

Whether you’re working to become athletic, or your training to be an athlete, Nic delivers. She teaches movements adapt to all body types and levels of strength. No one cares more about positively impacting peoples’ lives than she does! I take great pride in calling Nic my friend and I would recommend her, without reservation, to anyone! So get your sweat on, you’ll be surprised but you will most certainly not be disappointed!



Nicole Lacoursiere is a Personal Trainer in Airdrie, Alberta whom I have known for many years, and gotten much closer to in the past few years.

I do not hesitate to recommend Nicole as “the best trainer in town” because I absolutely believe this to be true.

Not only is she knowledgeable and experienced in her field but she has a vested interest in every single person whom she interacts with. Their journey becomes her journey along with them and their success rates skyrocket with this type of person believing in you.

She also goes out of her way to give back to the community by doing charity, not for profit and anything else you can think of that promotes health and fitness on a regular basis. She believes she can make the whole of Canada healthy and if anyone can do it, Nicole is the person I would put my money on to accomplish this!

She has incredible compassion, integrity and passion and all who know her respect her immensely.

She makes herself available and posts daily inspirations (not cookie cutter quotes but genuine, thought provoking posts) on her Facebook group that make me want to do and be better.

Nicole has an incredible spirit and commitment to help others find their inner warriors, and knows how to nurture this with the right combination of tough love, compassion and personal investment.

I highly recommend my colleague and friend. With her on your team, you have made a life changing choice!

Kiera Gosse

Can fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist

Pre/Post Natal trainer

CORE cycling coach

NCCP Triathlon Coach


The Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie would like to recognize Nicole Lacoursiere for the continued commitment to our organization.

Nicole became actively involved with our organization two years ago. As former alumni of the Boys and Girls Club, her dedication and commitment to enhancing the lives of our young people is without question a strong one.

In 2012, the Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie held its first national event, ‘Race for Kids’. Nicole acted as an ambassador for our club, raising necessary fundraising dollars that directly supported our organization. Nicole participated in the race and she exhibited enthusiasm and leadership that was felt within our community. Her involvement in this event helped raise the profile of the Boys and Girls Club in the community of Airdrie.

Since Race for Kids, Nicole has actively encouraged the community to support our programs and services. Hosting events and opportunity for the community at large to lead a healthy lifestyle and donate fundraising dollars to support the Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie.

In 2014, Nicole already has taken an active role with the Boys and Girls Club of Airdrie; co-chairing our ‘Race for Kids’ 2014 committee. Significant dollars need to be raised to help support this event and Nicole has already confirmed a number of supporters that will significantly contribute to a successful event this May 2014.

In addition, Nicole was asked by the Boys and Girls Club if she would help find business’s to sell paper pink shirts in support of a bully free commitment for the month of February 2014. Without hesitation, Nicole got on the phone and started making connections. 16 businesses in Airdrie are confirmed to support this initiative and thanks to Nicole it will be a great fundraiser for our prevention based programming.

Nicole Lacoursiere is wonderful woman, committed to giving back to her community. The Boys and Girls club of Airdrie is thankful for her continued dedication to our organization. We pride ourselves on being ‘A Good Place to Be’ and with Nicole in our corner we have the ability to ensure that our organization is just that.

Denisa | Boys and Girls Club


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