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Nicole Lacoursiere

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Welcome to Body By Nic, a private home studio that has been designed to make your personal training experience amazing.   By being able to offer my clients a private studio I have removed the intimidation factor of the gym and have created a setting that allows you to feel completely comfortable.  Your time with me is 100% focused on YOU and YOUR own personal health goals.

I am on a mission to spread health, happiness, and energy through a unique style of personal training.

My name is Nicole.  I became a personal trainer in 2002 and have loved my job ever since.  There is no greater joy for me than in watching people feel healthy, happy, and full of life.  I love showing people that they can do anything!  I work with clients in and around Airdrie, helping them exercise not only their physical bodies, but also their mental and emotional bodies.  The physical body is a reflection of the mental and emotional body, so I believe that it is extremely important to work to keep them all balanced.

I am the mother of two amazing young women and I have learned through them that true beauty comes from within.  Our minds and spirits show who we really are, and I want to help people learn to shine.

In 2002 I discovered the world of personal training and fitness.  In the years since, I have worked for a variety of gyms including New Attitude, Sisters, GoodLife Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and Anytime Fitness.  I grew and learned and met some incredible people.  So many of my current friends and clients came to me through these places, and I can’t imagine where I would be without them.  Working for these gyms taught me so much about both the fitness world and the business world.  I learned that fitness is not all about the physical aspects, consistency is the #1 rule in health, and happiness is a muscle that needs to be exercised.  I discovered that a dream is only a goal with a plan of action. I have also learned  that the human body is incredibly intelligent and will always tell you when it is unbalanced.  I know that it is incredibly important to remember that my clients are human.  Just like me, my clients have good days and bad days.  They have a back-story, a home life, a career, and an interest in their health.  Many of them struggle with keeping themselves motivated to work out.  I think that one of the main reasons people succeed with a trainer is because they have accountability to someone, and this accountability becomes their motivation.  I work to help my clients feel empowered and inspired – to help them believe that they are capable of anything they set their minds to.

In 2008 I opened Body By Nic.  I wanted to take everything I had learned in the previous 6 years and put them into something of my own creation.  I believe in dreams, and my dream was, and still is, to show as many people as I can that they are beautiful, amazing, and can do anything they can imagine with the right tools and a strong motivation.  Body By Nic began as a little home gym in the basement of my condo.  Over the years it has grown and flourished and has become more than I had ever imagined.  We run bootcamps, participate in fundraising races, and organize wellness classes in the Airdrie community.  I have discovered a love of yoga, meditation, and super foods, and have happily incorporated those into my business.  I believe that Body By Nic is now more than just a gym. It is a new understanding of what fitness and wellness is and can be.  It is a wonderful and beautiful idea that I want to share with the world.

What I am really doing is helping you create the very best version of you – the person I know you can be!  It may feel like I am killing you some days, but this is just your mind playing games with you, and saying that you can’t do it.  This is where I come in because I know you can!  I am that voice of reason when your body and mind say NO.  You won’t always like me, but that is okay.  I have thick skin (brought on by years of people calling me devil woman.) and I know you will learn to love me in time.  What I do, I do out of love, and the ripple effect always comes back with love.  So yes, I am killing you.  I am killing that voice inside you that says “give up”, “you aren’t good enough”, “this is too hard”, and “I can’t do it”.  I love all of you wonderful, amazing people that come to me each day (willingly or unwillingly)… Thank you for coming to see me!!!



Being in the industry for over 12 years now I have learned every single obstacle that we have towards working out….time being the number 1!

  •  I overcame this objective by creating a style of training that allows my clients to get in and get out….and as long as they get in and out with me 3 times per week consistently it is all that is needed.   I have watched hundreds of clients become stronger and healthier.
Nicole Lacoursiere
Personal Trainer & Coach

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  • I overcame this objective by making training affordable for everyone.  By making sessions 30 minutes the cost of training became affordable.  I believe that people should put themselves in their monthly budget.  Monthly training packages are available for as little as $10 a day.  Is your health worth $10 a day to you?  Most of us spend $10 a day on coffee, invest in yourself, your body and mind will LOVE you for it.



  • I overcame this objective by allowing all of my clients to be human beings.  There is no such thing as perfection and therefore there should be no such thing as judgement in this world.   My main objective as your trainer is to make your experience in my studio wonderful, I could never do this by yelling at you.  I have been told by so many people that I make training FUN.  This doesn’t mean I don’t push you because I will push you to new limits every single time, however this means what I require from you is 100% of what you have.  This will differ day to day, some days you will be able to do amazing and some days your 100% will not be amazing but that doesn’t matter.  As long as each time you come you give me 100% we will work together perfectly.


I believe that food is the greatest obstacle to losing weight however I also understand that food is part of everything we do.  In that you will have days where CAKE is something you are going to eat, after all you have a birthday each and every single year and on that day you must eat CAKE.  Every day we make a choice what we put in our body as fuel, if I tell you that you will never eat a cupcake again, I  can promise you that you will want a cupcake more than ever.  Food is required by the physical body, however the mental and emotional bodies very often make our decisions on what we use for fuel.  Together we work as a team to learn how to use food as fuel.




Three amazing reasons to start and change your life:






I have been working out with Nic for 3 years now. I don’t go there for any other reason than to spend time with a beautiful woman who makes me feel and look beautiful inside and out. She is a business mentor, a inspirational thinker and a great soul through and through. Whenever I have an idea for a fundraiser she lends her time and thoughts and turns my idea into a great one. Offering up her thoughts and time for all the events in Airdrie is truly unselfish, as this woman really loves to give to this community of ours. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Nicole Lacoursiere you’re missing out. She is an outstanding trainer and I’m so happy she is in my life, inspiring me to be all I can be. Top notch in my books. Thank you Nicole for everything you are!


Wendy Weibe


I lack the self-motivation to work out on my own…….Then enters Body By Nic.


I picked up the phone one evening and called Nic. She asked me a few questions and said “can you start tomorrow?”   And our journey together began!


I needed Nic since discipline was not my strong suit. I’ve lost weight & inches, and gained muscle and knowledge and a best friend! I was never a runner, but after a couple months working out, we did a 5km together! I reached that goal because she believed in me! She taught me that “can’t” is not a word, to love yourself inside and out.


Nic’s best quality is herself! She is a kind and authentic person that truly cares about her clients and the community at large. She is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer who has a TRUE passion for her work. She is the complete package. We start out as clients, but soon become family.


I know my time with Nic was the best thing I ever invested in! A year ago in October we moved down the road to Chestermere.  Leaving the community I had lived in for 10 years was hard, but leaving my trainer was even harder!


Remember earlier on when I said discipline was not my strong suit? The time I spent with Nic (I miss her everyday) gave me the skills so I could continue this journey without her!  Even though she isn’t in the gym with me physically she is there in spirit!! (Sitting on my shoulder giving me the extra encouragement I need to continue on!) I can’t believe I’m saying this…………..BUT I like running J


Thank You for always being by my side and making the journey fun!!!!


Arlene Whickham


I began training with Nic in March 2012 and our first consultation meeting gave me the confidence that Nic was the right trainer for me. Her down to earth, practical and non-judgmental approach to a change, not only to my physical fitness but my lifestyle as a whole, immediately resonated with me. Along with the commencement of my training, Nic requested that I keep a food journal, which I did for several weeks. As we reviewed the journal together each training day, Nic helped me to see my food triggers and weaknesses and the simple act of recognizing them enabled me to overcome my tendency to turn to simple carbohydrates. Starting to exercise after a long period of inactivity was difficult physically and emotionally as I struggled to maintain all the other busy aspects of daily life. I credit Nic for her firm but supportive manner in keeping me accountable to keep at it. She has a knack for knowing when to push me and when to let me work at my own pace. I firmly believe that Nic develops an intuitive understanding of her clients that surpasses the simple training of the physical body. In my case, she took the time to understand my lifestyle, my job, my stresses – in short the things that shape me as a person. She continues to leverage that knowing into motivation and encouragement that, for me, has achieved amazing results. In the two years since I started training, I went from a size 8 to a 2 and at 37 years old, have never looked or felt more fit and healthy. This has translated positively into my whole life – my increased confidence helped me to embark on a risky but successful new job endeavor, build new friendships and develop the confidence to be more playful with my personal style. Now I look forward to my training days, not only to challenge my body, but to connect with Nic and her other clients that I see regularly at the gym every week.


Jennifer Hendricks P.Biol.     |

 Manager, Major Accounts



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